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ACI can clean and/or chemical mill barstock, forgings and scrap metals. Chem milling or degreasing are a few of the processes ACI uses to clean titanium. Also used for cosmetic purposes, cleaning titanium can brighten dull material or remove oil and other contaminants from bars, castings and scrap.

Chemical milling of titanium is primarily used for removal of alpha case and oxygen layers. Chemical milling can also be used for removing a specific amount of material to obtain a desired thickness or a specific weight. 


ACI can chem mill all types of titanium.  Our state of the art systems allow lengths up to 41 feet and widths to 35 inches with depths up to 84 inches.  The hoists have a weight capacity up to 12,000 pounds. ACI chem mills titanium bar stock, scrap and forged parts. 

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